*** Identification Requests

Identification Requests

I’ve created this page in order to post photographs which I am unable to identify. I hope that somebody will see them, recognise them and leave a comment with any information they have.

Národní Banka?

Národní Banka
Národní Banka (I think), Plzeň 1991

I think I’ve identified this building as the Národní Banka, but I have no idea where it is and I don’t know whether it still serves the same purpose. I don’t even know if it still exists.

It’s not a great photo – I think it was taken while crossing the road… that’s not the best way to take photos.

Can anybody help?

Latest Unidentified
Unidentified building & yard, Plzeň

This is a very interesting photograph sent to me by George, but where is this scene?

Identified : it would appear that this is the back yard of number 13 Náměstí Republiky (čp. 106) Chotěšovský dům.

The University of West Bohemia says this :

Chotesov House, ref. no. 106 (13 nam. Republiky), property of the Chotesov monastery from 1487. This original Gothic building was rebuilt in the last quarter of the 16th century, probably by master-builder Jan Merlian.

On the first floor there are Renaissance wallpaintings of the apostles. The rear has an open Renaissance loggia. The building contains the ethnographic section of the West Bohemian Museum.

I wonder if the yard is still accessible…

Unidentified 1940s
Unidentified building & street, Plzeň 1940s

Copyright information unknown

Can anybody identify this building and the street name?


7 thoughts on “*** Identification Requests

  1. George Krejci

    Yes Clive,

    Unidentified 3 is a Statue of Stalin. I was living in my grandfather’s house
    on the corner of Americka ulice and Denisovo nabrezi in 1952 or 1953 when
    Stalin visited Plzen. There he made a speech about how great Skoda Works
    (that time they called it Leninovy Zavody) were because they produced military
    weapons for Soviet Union. As me and my family watched Stalin, secret police
    were in our appartment watching us. Stalin was standing below his statue
    when he made his speech.

  2. Eva Haunerova


    the building on the first picture is the Law Faculty now but in the future it shoud be joined with the building on the left which is Chamber Theater (Komorni divadlo) on Americka Str. (it used to be Moskevska str.). The building used to be the seat of the Comunist Party before 1989.

    I haven’t recognised the second picture yet.

    The third picture is Stalin statue (in 1950-60s – I’m not sure) on the Anglicke nabrezi next to the Radbuza River. It is near the bridge on the Americka street.
    He is looking towards the Main Train Station. On this place it used to be German Theatre, which was leveled down. There is another statue on this place – some woman I think and nothing more. The place is paved. I’ll try to take picture of this place for you.

    crossing my fingers for your work!


  3. Eva Haunerova

    Hello Clive,

    your “Narodni banka” is now “ÄŒeskoslovenska obchodní banka” (ÄŒSOB) but just the left lighther grey part of the bulding. The darker part of the building is “Obchodni akademie” (Business Academy) now, I used to attend this school :-) . It is located on “Masarykovo namesti” next to Klatovska street. The school is in that building since 1913 and probably, the building had not been built a long time before that. On that place used to stand another building – “c. k. vojenská zásobárna” (Army storehouse). After that, “Narodni banka ceskoslovenska” and “Mandlova skola” were there. The square used to be “Radeckeho namesti” in 1912 and “Námesti dr. Václava Petáka” in 1919. I will send you some pictures of that place. Now there is the statue of T. G. Masaryk (our first president) in front of the building and two fountains.

  4. Sarnegarth

    Photo “Narodni banka”: coordinates of photographer: 49°44’27.83″N, 13°22’16.82″E, looking east across the Klatovska street. Today address: námÄ›stí T.G.Masaryka 12 (T.G.Masaryk’s square). Place of CSOB bank and some high school.

  5. Stepanka

    Hey Clive,
    I am surprised how many nice pictures you have about Pilsen. I appreciate your efford to develop web like this. It is really nice. Only thing I am not sure are the pictures in category unidentified. There are three pictures. First one – I have to agree that it is a building of Business Academy. Second one I am not sure, but the last one I suggest that it is a “Republic Square.” There is clearly seen Town hall and historic hand-placed rock. I was not there in 1940s but I would say, it is definitelly main square in city of Pilsen.
    Good luck and only nice memories about Pilsen and Czech Republic wish Stepanka


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