U Salzmannů, Plzeň

U Salzmannů, Pražská 8

Number 8 Pražská Ulice is the site of Plzen´s oldest beerhall which dates from 1637. The pub was named after Martin Salzmann who ran it between 1858 & 1908. Salzmann was the guy who had first sent Pilsner beer to Prague in 1843.

U Salzmannů, Plzeň, 1858 & 1908
U Salzmannů 1858 & 1908
From a postcard


Pražská in the 1950s
Pražská Ulice in the 1950s
Photograph © Copyright George Krejci

U Salzmannů can be seen on the righthand side of this 1950s photo (above).

U Salzmannů, Plzeň in the 1950s
U Salzmannů in the 1950s
Photograph © Copyright George Krejci

When I first saw the building in 1991 (see photo below) it was closed and in a sorry state of repair – as was much of Pražská ulice.

U Salzmannů Plzen 1991
U Salzmannů Plzen 1991
Photograph © Copyright 1991 Clive Porter

The quality of the above photograph leaves a little to be desired – I’ll blame it on the sun shining in the wrong direction and the damage the print has received over the past 15 years. Maybe I should just blame it on my lack of skill as a photographer…

U Salzmannů Plzen 2002
U Salzmannů Plzen 2002
Copyright information unknown

I think this later photograph, taken in 2002, shows just how nicely the building was restored.

U Salzmannů Plzen 19th Century
U Salzmannů Plzen at the end of the 19th Century?
Copyright information unknown

This photograph shows Salzmannová Pivnice which would appear to be on the same site as U Salzmannů and whilst the building has obviously been replaced, the renaissance portal remains.

The University of West Bohemia explains this :

House ref. no. 90 (Prazska Street no. 8 ) “Salzmans’” (U Salzmanu) – originally a Renaissance house which master-builder Jan Merlian (or Skarpalin) built for himself in 1584.

The house was constructed afresh in 1907 and only the beautiful portal with its Italian inscription remained. The house takes its name from an owner of the inn there, who was the first to take Plzen Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell) beer to Prague in 1842.

This is a helpful explanation as it’s the Renaissance portal which intrigues me. Compare U Salzmannů’s portal with that found accross the street at N° 13 : Jan Merlian’s Portals.

U Salzmannů is once again a pub, restaurant and guest house / hotel. I should love to visit it one day.

If you should have any old or new photographs of this building, I would be very interested to see them!

Restaurace a pension U Salzmannů
Pražská 8
301 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 377 235 855
Fax: +420 377 235 886

One thought on “U Salzmannů, Plzeň

  1. Susan Willis

    Our family visited Plzen last week, and spent the night in U Salzmannu. I researched the pension before we left on our vacation, and saw your request for photos. So, I took some pictures of the room we stayed in, and also a couple of the outside of the building. The outside doesn’t seem to have changed since your picture in 2002. I would be happy to share the pictures with you, if you’re still interested.


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