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Changing Street Names

All towns and cities have streets with names chosen by their governors. Often streets are named after important figures in the town, city or country’s historical past. For various reasons certain names can go out of fashion and streets can change identity.

The effect can go further – towns and cities, even countries can change name.

But here I’d like to talk a little about the changes in street names in Plzeň.

When I arrived in Plzeň I was looking for the Hotel Ural. I’d booked a room by telephone but had no map in the car. I remember stopping on Sady PÄ›tatÅ™icátníků to ask directions. The guy I asked either didn’t understand me (which I can well believe as this was the first time I’d ever tried speaking Czech) or there was something wrong in what I was asking for.

I had the name and address written on a piece of paper and so fetched this from the car to show him. He knew at once what I was looking for and gave me directions. Looking back I don’t know how I could have understood his directions and I certainly remember the feeling that there was something wrong – I didn’t really understand – but I found my hotel all the same.

Plzeň, Orientační Průvodce Městem

The hotel was no longer known as the Ural, it was the Hotel Central.

So hotels, too, can change name.

At the hotel I was given a town guide “Plzeň, Orientační Průvodce MÄ›stem” which, of course, included a street plan of the city. Very useful!

Unfortunately I soon found out why the guide, priced at 22 Crowns, had been given to me free-of-charge – it was published in 1985 during the communist period and some of the streets have changed name since 1989.

I couldn’t find, for example, Anglické nábÅ™eží or Americká Ulice – they had been renamed Charkovské nábÅ™eží and Moskevská Ulice. Very confusing.

I wonder if I’ll get a chance to list all the changes, it could be fun.

Plzeň Streets Now (2000s)

Plzeň street plan 2000s
Plzeň street plan 2000s (Town Centre)

Plzeň Streets in 1985

Plzeň street plan 1985
Plzeň street plan 1985 (Town Centre)

Plzeň Streets in the 1930s

Plzeň street plan 1930s
Plzeň street plan 1930s (Town Centre)


Plzeň Streets in 1912

Plzeň street plan 1912
Plzeň street plan 1912 (Town Centre)
Street plan provided by George Krejci


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  1. Joan Lasquety

    I find the 2000 street plan more accessible to the public but I’m eager to learn more about the plan to comprehend it well.By now I’m just a student of planning and wanted to study more city and town plans like this plan above. Thank you.


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