Perlová Ulice

Perlová Ulice 4

Perlová Ulice 4 in 1950s
Perlová Ulice 4 in 1950s
Photograph © Copyright George Krejci


Perlová Ulice 4 in 2000s
Perlová Ulice 4 circa 2003
Copyright information unknown

Number 4 Perlová ulice is now the official entry point into Plzeň’s ancient undergound.

Perlová Ulice 8

Perlová Ulice 8 in 1991
Perlová Ulice 8 in 1991
Photograph © Copyright 1991 Clive Porter

When I first saw this building I thought it was a pivnice, a pub. From 1991 to 1993, however, it never seemed to be open and I was left wondering. One day in 1993 I was strolling down Perlová ulice and noticed that the door was open. Inside was a stock of beer barrels and a guy was rolling one onto a trolley to deliver, I suppose, to one of the nearby pubs.

The opened door was the one on the right under the Plzeňský Prazdroj sign and the interior didn’t look like it had been a pub for a very long time – if ever.

I still wonder what the purpose of the building was before 1991. It must have been either a pivnice or a beer shop, mustn’t it?

Perlová Ulice 8 in 2003
Perlová Ulice 8 in 2003
Photograph © Copyright 2003

Now though, there is no doubt as to the shops use. As can be seen in this photograph which I found at I apologize to the site owner – I couldn’t find a contect address and so am using this photograph without permission…

If anybody has a better photograph or knows more about the history of the place, I’ll be very grateful!


Perlová Ulice 8 – Update

Perlova 8 - information

Well it seems I had the answer to my question amongst my photographs. As can be seen in this image, N° 8 Perlová Ulice was a retail outlet for the brewery museum. A beer shop! I wonder why I never read the sign?


Perlová  ulice, Plzeň 2006
Perlová ulice 2006
Photograph © Copyright 2006 Eva Haunerová

I should thank Eva for this photo – it shows the East side of Perlová ulice looking, perhaps, from a point very near to My House. The view hasn’t changed too much in the past 15 years – the changes aren’t so striking as they are in other areas of the historical centre.

Looking at this photograph, I can imagine strolling along Perlová ulice, making my way towards the brewery museum… I do wish somebody would renovate the tea emporium though – and remove those yellow and green signs! I wonder who owns it… surely they should be persuaded to sell?

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