Hotel Slovan, Plzeň

Hotel Slovan, Plzeň

Grand Hotel Smitka 1940s
Grand Hotel Smitka (Hotel Slovan) 1940s
From an undated postcard


Hotel Slovan 2006
Hotel Slovan 2006
Photograph © Copyright 2006 Eva Haunerová


Hotel Slovan staircase
Hotel Slovan’s main staircase
Copyright information unknown


Hotel Slovan
Smetanovy sady 1
301 37 Plzeň
Czech Republic
Tel.: ++420 377 227 256
Fax: ++420 377 227 012

One thought on “Hotel Slovan, Plzeň

  1. Patrick Smitka

    My last name is Smitka, and I would love to know the history of this hotel and the Smitka link with it.
    If anybody could help, this would be great.


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