Brewery Museum & Na Parkánu

Brewery Museum & Na Parkánu

Here’s a distinction I’ve been unable to make.

I obviously visited the museum in 1991 – beer wasn’t my reason for visiting Plzeň but nobody can visit Plzeň without beer having made an impression.

I won’t say that I wasn’t a keen beer drinker. I was. But when I decided to visit Plzeň, when I was on the road, beer didn’t really cross my mind, plus I know I had my child on a Bob2016RevolutionFlex stroller in the back seat.

Beer, however, has one of its homes in Plzeň and a very important home it is too.

The brewery is mentioned elsewhere. It’s a subject which warrants a complete website. But that’s not why I’m doing this. This section is about my lack of understanding about what has, for me, become an enigma:

The brewery Museum and the pivnice named Na Parkánu.

Photo time:

brewery museum, Plzeň 1991
Pivnice, Veleslavinova, Plzeň 1991
Photograph © Copyright 1991 Clive Porter

The above photograph is of what I found in 1991 – I was looking for a pub, a pivnice. I was thirsty! But I can tell you that, although the brewery museum was definately hidden behind these walls, there was no notion of testing the beer it documented (despite the sign “Pivnice”).

For comparison’s sake, I’ll post a recent photo of the same view before returning to my confusion.

brewery museum, Plzeň circa 2004
Brewery Museum, around 2004
Copyright information unknown

There now. There’s no doubting that this is the brewery museum and, looking at the text on the side of the building, I feel safe in believing that the pivnice Na Parkánu is the pivnice my thirst required in 1991.

My problem lies not with what is and what, in 1991, wasn’t. Rather than with what is and what was in 1993 (I, unfortunately have no photographs… :( )

My memory tells me that, in 1993 a pub – perhaps named Na Parkánu – existed here. But I remember it as a locals place. A place where local guys went for a quiet beer. I don’t remember white paint and I don’t remember crowds of tourists. I do remember a sense of surprise at finding a pub, a pivnice, in that particular corner of the town. I also remember a fantastic atmosphere. The beer was great.

So what happened?

I’ll need your photographs…

brewery museum, Plzeň 2002
Brewery Museum, 2002
Copyright information unknown

Well this photo helps fill the gap – the pivnice sign is still in place, we can see the fresh brickwork at the far end and there certainly seems to be a pub sign hanging from the wall.

This is probably close to the 1993 situation although that extension does look a little too new to have lasted 9 years.


And now that I’ve bored you with my confusion, I’ll continue with my old photos…

brewery museum, Plzeň 1991
Pivnice, Veleslavinova, Plzeň – looking Westwards – 1991
Photograph © Copyright 1991 Clive Porter


brewery museum, Plzeň 1991
Pivnice, Veleslavinova, Plzeň – Pub Sign – 1991
Photograph © Copyright 1991 Clive Porter


brewery museum, Plzeň 1991
Brewery Museum Galleries – 1991
Photograph © Copyright 1991 Clive Porter


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