Bory Prison – VÄ›znice Bory

Bory Prison

Bory Prison, Plzeň
Bory Prison, Plzeň
Photograph © Copyright VÄ›zeňská Služba ÄŒeské Republiky

Bory Prison. It’s not a pleasing sentance, is it? Bory Prison. But it’s a fantastic building! The first time I saw it I didn’t realise it was a prison – I had no idea what it was, but I was impressed by it’s design.

Bory Prison, Plzeň from the street

I first saw this building at ground level and from a moving car. I was driving, so I didn’t get a good look. I just remember the impression it left.

It’s a very difficult building to find information about – try searching the internet for “bory prison”. I guarantee you won’t find much.

My searches came up with a story about two murderers who escaped by hiding in a pallet; the horrors of the second world war and, if my memory serves me justly, the fact that Václav Havel spent some time there.


Věznice Bory
Bory Prison from the Air
Photograph © Copyright Letecká Å kola, Plzeň


Věznice Bory
Bory Prison from the Air
Photograph © Copyright / / Geodis


Bory Prison (Věznice Bory) Main Entrance 2006
The main entrance to Bory Prison
Photograph © Copyright 2006 Eva Haunerová


A View of Bory Prison (Věznice Bory) 1928
A View of Bory Prison 1928
Provided by George Krejci


Věznice Plzeň
Klatovská 202
P.O.BOX 335
301 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic

2 thoughts on “Bory Prison – VÄ›znice Bory

  1. David Benes(ch)

    My father, Josef Benes was a political prisoner here during WW2. Do you know how and if I can find any records of his incarceration here? Any information would be great. Thank You!


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