Americka Třída

Americka Třída

Americka Třída 42

KSČ - Krajský Výbor 1950s
Americka Třída 42 was the Czechoslovak communist party regional headquarters
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The building which stands on the corner of Americká třída and Prokopova ulice was previously the communist party’s regional headquarters. Currently it houses the University of West Bohemia’s law faculty.


Západočeská univerzita – Právnická fakulta 1990s
Americka Třída 42 circa 2000
Photograph from

The above photograph shows how the building was extended on the Americká side to fill the gap seen on the earlier 1950s photograph.

There are now plans to extend the Chamber Theatre (Komorní divadlo) into this building.


One thought on “Americka Třída

  1. Eva Haunerova

    The building was built as “Hasicska vzájemná pojiÅ¡Å¥ovna” in 1939 together with the building of “Lidová univerzita Husova” (Theatre).


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