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*** Identification Requests

Identification Requests

I’ve created this page in order to post photographs which I am unable to identify. I hope that somebody will see them, recognise them and leave a comment with any information they have.

Národní Banka?

Národní Banka
Národní Banka (I think), Plzeň 1991

I think I’ve identified this building as the Národní Banka, but I have no idea where it is and I don’t know whether it still serves the same purpose. I don’t even know if it still exists.

It’s not a great photo – I think it was taken while crossing the road… that’s not the best way to take photos.

Can anybody help?

Latest Unidentified
Unidentified building & yard, Plzeň

This is a very interesting photograph sent to me by George, but where is this scene?

Identified : it would appear that this is the back yard of number 13 Náměstí Republiky (čp. 106) Chotěšovský dům.

The University of West Bohemia says this :

Chotesov House, ref. no. 106 (13 nam. Republiky), property of the Chotesov monastery from 1487. This original Gothic building was rebuilt in the last quarter of the 16th century, probably by master-builder Jan Merlian.

On the first floor there are Renaissance wallpaintings of the apostles. The rear has an open Renaissance loggia. The building contains the ethnographic section of the West Bohemian Museum.

I wonder if the yard is still accessible…

Unidentified 1940s
Unidentified building & street, Plzeň 1940s

Copyright information unknown

Can anybody identify this building and the street name?