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plzenska.com – what’s it about and why?

Plzenska.com isn’t intended as a tourist’s guide to Plzeň although its contents will probably be of interest to anybody planning a trip. Plzenska.com is intended to show the changes which have taken place over the past 15 years and, where possible, beyond. Its content may well be biased by my warm feelings for the city and this may very well become obvious by my choice of subject matter.

The content will probably lean heavily towards the visual side of documentation. If you share my feelings towards Plzeň, you may find it interesting. If you don’t then you may still be interested. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t leave plzenska.com until I’d turned over each stone.

Czech Coat of Arms

I’ve long been in love. In love with a country which is not my home. I fell in love with Czechoslovakia in 1991 and, following the Velvet Divorce, my love affair continued with the Czech Republic.

It all started before, but I don’t remember why. I know Å vejk helped. Å vejk helped a lot, but it was my first long weekend in Plzeň that sealed my heart’s fate.

There followed many visits to Plzeň as well as many other towns and cities in the Czech Republic. Since moving to France I have visited the Czech Republic only once and that was way back in October 1994 when I spent 10 days roaming around Moravia on the train system.

But it’s Plzeň that owns my heart.

I recently found some of my old photographs and realised that some were / are missing and this convinced me to make my scanner pay for its keep – the thought of losing those which remain was too much for my poor broken heart to contain. It was while scanning that I decided to put them on the web.

Plzeň Coat of Arms

I also found all my old Czech language books and regret not having continued with the Czech language. I should take up where I left off…

And I started searching for up to date photographs…

It’s amazing how many photographs of Prague are available on the web, but not many seem to take photographs of other Czech towns, and that includes Plzeň. Those photographs that I have found tend to be of the brewery, the town hall and St. Bartholomew’s church.

I want to change that – I’d like to make a site about the Czech Republic but concentrating mainly on Plzeň and the changes which have taken place over the past 15 years. I want to go back further – if I can find the information and photographs and if the owners of the photographs will permit their use on this blog.

Remember – each article added will probably have an associated photograph / information request. Feel free to contact me by using the comments section of each article – the comment won’t be added automatically, so if you don’t want it added, mention this in your comment. Likewise, if you enter your e-mail address it won’t be published on the internet. Your e-mail address will never be seen on the blog.

Fingers crossed then… wish me luck!


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